Meet our summer interns

21 land interns 2 WEB

Land stewardship interns worked on the Snyder Heritage Farm prairie during orientation on June 2.

This summer, INHF is excited to work with almost 20 interns! We know they’ll do great things for Iowa’s wild places:

New Office Interns

Join us in welcoming four new interns to our office in downtown Des Moines. Feel free to reach out to them using the email addresses provided.

13 K. Daily WEBKristen Daily | Program Support/Grant Writing Intern

  • Hometown: Orange City
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Earning M.A. in fine arts, graduated with B.A. in English
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Biking

“I’m excited to write grants because I feel it’s something that will have a tangible impact on Iowa’s resources.”

17 P. Duong WEBPhong Duong | Design Intern

  • Hometown: Clinton
  • School: Drake University
  • Major: Graduated with B.A. in creative advertising, minor in marketing
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking

“I’m looking forward to designing the new calendar for 2016.”

18 S. Olson WEBSam Olson | Floodplains Outreach Intern

  • Hometown: Des Moines
  • School: University of Miami
  • Major: Ecosystem science and policy, economics
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Walking

“I want to get real-life experience with policy implementation. It’s one thing to learn in class but another to see it in action.”

16 A. Walk WEBAllison Walk | Trails Intern

  • Hometown: Greenfield
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Landscape architecture
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Running on trails

“I’m interested in learning more about legislative and bureaucratic conservation efforts.”

Returning Office Interns

These two interns will continue their work with INHF this summer. They can also be reached via the email addresses listed.

19 T. Eisenhauer WEBTaylor Eisenhauer | Communications Intern

  • Hometown: Herrin, IL
  • School: Drake University
  • Major: Magazine journalism and English, minor in rhetoric
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Walking, playing tennis

“I’ve already learned so much about conservation while working at INHF, and I can’t wait to discover even more this summer.”

lexi nature WEBLexi Ruskell | Design Intern

  • Hometown: Burnsville, MN
  • School: Drake University
  • Major: Graduated with B.F.A. in graphic design, minors in printmaking and advertising
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Anything involving a lake

“I’m looking forward to spending time outside capturing moments of INHF and Iowa through photography.”

Statewide Land Stewardship Interns

These interns travel all over Iowa to manage the land at our projects. Whether restoring prairies, wetlands or savannas, they help protect Iowa’s natural beauty.

05 A. Andrews WEBAmy Andrews

  • Hometown: Shellsburg
  • School: Central College
  • Major: Communication studies and environmental science
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Raising dairy goats

“I’m really, really looking forward to learning more native plant species and doing some birding, all while getting lots of conservation work done!”

01 Z. Burhenn WEBZach Burhenn

  • Hometown: Ames
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Forestry
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Fly-fishing, birding, photography, paddling

“I look most forward to meeting all the great conservationist who have put land into INHF easements. I also look forward to identifying threatened species located on these beautiful easements.”

03 M. Dietrich WEBMegan Dietrich

  • Hometown: Williamsburg
  • School: Dordt College
  • Major: Biology, minor in environmental science
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Gardening

“I’m most looking forward to learning local flora!”

12 J. Hill WEBJake Hill

  • Hometown: Newton
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Environmental science and biology
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Gardening

“I am most looking forward to learning more about prairie restoration and reconstruction.”

06 S. Leichty WEBSarah Leichty

  • Hometown: Rochester, MN
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Environmental science and agronomy
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Biking

“I’m most looking forward to meeting and connecting with land owners whose generous work with INHF is an inspiration.”

15 M. Monahan WEBMatt Monahan

  • Hometown: Woodbine
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Forestry
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Trapping

“I look forward to seeing all the natural areas of Iowa this summer.”

02 D. Oaks WEBDustin Oaks

  • Hometown: Ankeny
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Environmental science
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Rock climbing

“I’m most looking forward to learning new things.”

11 O. Rauen WEBOlivia Rauen

  • Hometown: Bankston
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Forestry
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Kayaking

“I am so excited to meet the land owners that we will be working with and the other donors to INHF. They all have such a passion for conservation, and I love hearing and learning from their stories.”

04 L. White WEBLauren White

  • Hometown: Maxwell
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Environmental science, minor in sustainability
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Camping, hiking

“By working with INHF, I look forward to being able to identify plants and learn more about prairie restoration.”

Blufflands Land Stewardship Interns

Blufflands interns exclusively focus on INHF projects in northeast Iowa, helping to restore and maintain remnant and reconstructed prairies, woodlands and oak savannas.

07 E. Conrad WEBEddie Conrad

  • Hometown: Sigourney
  • School: Upper Iowa University
  • Major: Conservation management
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Fishing

“I’m most looking forward to the prairie conference in Cedar Falls.”

08 T. Hartman WEBTori Hartman

  • Hometown: Decorah
  • School: Coe College
  • Major: Biology and environmental science
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Fishing

“I’m looking forward to the learning experience.”

10 S. Klein WEBSarah Klein

  • Hometown: Henry, IL
  • School: Iowa State University
  • Major: Biology
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Lichen hikin’

“What I’m most looking forward to while working with INHF this summer are all the new skills I’ll be learning and all the people I’ll get to meet.”

09 L. Mordini WEBLauren Mordini

  • Hometown: Wheaton, IL
  • School: Luther College
  • Major: Environmental studies
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking, running

“I am most interested in learning. We are always asking questions and having discussions that will help make this experience remarkable.”

14 D. Schroeder WEBDevin Schroeder | Volunteer

A high school senior from northeast Iowa, Devin is volunteering her time with the blufflands intern crew this summer.


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