Picture perfect prairies

A tour participant photographs a wood lily at the Stinson Prairie State Preserve.

A tour participant photographs a wood lily at Stinson Prairie State Preserve.

On Saturday, June 27, INHF president Joe McGovern led tours of three prairies in Kossuth County, co-sponsored by INHF, the Iowa Native Plant Society and the Iowa Prairie Network.

INHF vice president and development director Anita O’Gara and land stewardship director Erin Van Waus also attended the tours. “The neat thing about the day is that we had a variety of attendees – people who know prairie really well, those that enjoy photography and those that haven’t ever set foot on a prairie,” Van Waus said. “So it was a nice mix of attendees of all ages.” Continue reading

Paint Creek Valley

Nelson_Paint_CreekNow and then, an INHF land protection project draws wide enthusiastic support from other nature organizations. Paint Creek Valley is one such project.

This project has sparked both birders and anglers to help encourage donations to protect this property. This is something Anita O’Gara, Vice President and Development Director, sees on only a few projects.

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