3 conservation policy wins we’re celebrating


Bison roaming Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. Photo courtesy of US Fish & Wildlife Service Midwest

This winter solstice, INHF is celebrating three pieces of conservation policy signed by President Obama last week that provide huge support to Iowans hoping to do individual conservation and support conservation efforts in Iowa.

Conservation Easement tax incentives
Conservation easements are a great way for Iowans who want to protect the natural resource value of their land in the future. Iowans who donate a conservation easement are eligible for income tax credits to offset the value of their land donation. First enacted as temporary provisions in 2006 (needing to be renewed on a yearly basis), these tax incentives are directly responsible for conserving more than 2 million acres of America’s natural outdoor heritage. Last Friday, Congress and the president approved these tax incentives as permanent.

The incentive grants certain tax benefits to landowners who sign a conservation easement. Such private, voluntary agreements with local land trusts permanently limit uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values. Lands placed into conservation easements can continue to be farmed, hunted or used for other specified purposes. The lands also remain on county tax rolls, strengthening local economies. Continue reading

Conservation Easement Incentive Act moves to the Senate

At the end of last year, the enhanced deduction for conservation easement donations expired. To restore—and make permanent—this enhanced incentive, bipartisan legislation introduced the Conservation Easement Incentive Act to the U.S. House (H.R. 641) and the U.S. Senate (S. 330) in February this year. Continue reading

Land Stewardship Interns Wrap Up the Summer

Intern CollageUnfortunately, the statewide and blufflands summer land stewardship internship program has come to an end, and all interns have headed home. Filled with accomplishment and learning, the internship program was 11 weeks long, allowing the interns to travel to all the corners of Iowa and work on 25 sites, including private and public properties. Here are some of the tasks and events in which they participated: Continue reading

IPR: When Conservation Pays

Lindsey Price and her father Bob Price in Burwell, Nebraska. Photo from Iowa Public Radio

At the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation we work with landowners of all kinds across the state to establish conservation easements and permanently protect Iowa’s land and resources for generations to come.

Recently, Iowa Public Radio published an article, “When Conservation Pays,” about one family’s unique story that helped establish the largest conservation easement in Nebraska’s history. Continue reading

DeCook Family Ranch featured on WHO-TV

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Photo by Ron Huelse

Mike DeCook and his family have a unique solution to restoring their 1,000 acre property in Marion County.

They’ve started raising bison.

The family has worked with INHF to protect their land and was featured on WHO-TV Channel 13’s website today for their efforts to help Iowa return to its roots. Continue reading