Calendar photography submissions


Iowa is a photographer’s dream: stunning landscapes, remarkable wildlife and spectacular natural moments. Every year, INHF celebrates this beauty in a nature calendar. We love highlighting the best of what Iowa has to offer and seeing our great state through your eyes—and lens.

We are now accepting submissions for the 2017 calendar.

If you’re interested in submitting photos for consideration before the July 1 deadline, you’ll find helpful resources on our website for more information. Also make sure to review our general photo submission guidelines. Questions should be directed to Kerri Sorrell at or 515-288-1846, ext. 24.

A tribute to Gary Tonhouse

On Feb. 14, we lost one of Iowa’s best nature photographers. Gary Tonhouse was a contributor to INHF’s calendar and magazine for many years, producing beautiful work inspired by a state he loved. His photos brought us joy and reminded us of the value of our work and love for Iowa’s natural places. Gary was generous with his photography over the years, allowing all of us to see our beautiful state through his eyes and teaching others to appreciate their environment by bridging the gap with photography. He captured moments and places that will always stay with us. Thank you, Gary, for your dedication and fondness toward Iowa’s fields, creatures, landscapes and people.

For today’s Wordless Wednesday, we’re paying tribute to some of Gary’s beautiful work.

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Calling all photographers!

2012 cover photo by Stanley Buman

2013 cover photo by Stanley Buman

Photographers: listen up! Each year, INHF produces and sends a beautiful wall calendar to our members, full of shots featuring Iowa’s wildlife, natural landscapes and gorgeous terrain. We wouldn’t be able to do it without your help, and the photo submission period for the 2014 calendar is officially open!

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