IWILL: Working for action on conservation

This legislative session, Iowa’s natural resources are at the top of the priority list.

Photo by Kristy Hall

Photo by Kristy Hall

At the start of the 2016 legislative session, Gov. Terry Branstad announced a proposal to address water quality that he called his biggest and boldest proposal ever, but it did not find support from both chambers. After several other proposals, the session adjourned without reaching a compromise on how to best address these concerns.

Between now and the November election, Iowans have an opportunity to make our natural resources an issue on which candidates must take a position. Continue reading

Who knew helping Iowa could be so easy?

All Rights Reserved INHFWritten by INHF Board Member Carole Reichardt

The first time I went to the Iowa State Capitol to talk with my legislator, I admit it was a bit intimidating. Little did I know how easy it would be!

Once I fully recognized that they represented me in our political system and were also from my “neck of the woods,” I really enjoyed the face-to-face conversations. Continue reading