Wellmark grant to restore and build Iowa River Trail

UntitledThe Wellmark Foundation approved a $75,000 match grant to TRAILS Inc. to help build and renovate the Iowa River Trail. Local support and contributions equal to the amount of the grant will be needed by December 15 in order to receive the grant.

The Wellmark Foundation selected the Iowa River Trail project as one of only 17 that were approved.

In awarding the match grant, Stephanie Perry, The Wellmark Foundation manager said, “We applaud TRAILS, Inc. for launching the Iowa River Trail project. The trail will make it easier and safer for everyone to become more physically active through access to new hard surface recreational trail and its connection to the already existing trails.”

GiffordSept2The 34-mile Iowa River Trail will connect Marshalltown, Albion, Liscomb, Union, Gifford, Eldora and Steamboat Rock. The former rail corridor has been secured, and local volunteers and agencies are now seeking public grants and private contributions to begin constructing the trail surface and re-fitting bridges for safe use by cyclists, hikers and more. The trail will provide ample opportunities to locals and visitors alike for recreation and exploration throughout the year.

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) is a major partner in the Iowa River Trail project along with TRAILS, Inc., Hardin County, Hardin County Trails Board, and the City of Marshalltown.

“We need the continual support from individuals and families, businesses and organizations to make the project become a reality,” said Terry Briggs of TRAILS Inc. “Now is the time to donate and pledge your support. This segment of the trail development will make it easier and safer for everyone to become more physically active through access to a new hard-surfaced recreational trail and its connection to already existing trails.”

Gifts can be directed to the Iowa River Trail project through Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, and online giving is available at the INHF website.


INHF is a statewide nonprofit conservation group that works with private landowners and other partners to protect Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. Since its founding in 1979, INHF has helped protect nearly 150,000 acres of Iowa’s wild places in 95 Iowa counties.

Iowa By Trail app receives $40,000 Wellmark Foundation challenge grant

trails-info-2The Iowa By Trail app, a project of Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF), has received a $40,000 challenge grant from The Wellmark Foundation for projects that promote community and individual health.

“We’re ecstatic to be partnering with Wellmark to help complete the first portion of our Iowa By Trail app project,” said Hannah Inman, INHF Communications Director. “Iowa By Trail is the first app of its kind in the nation allowing Iowans to explore 1,800 miles of multi-use trails around the state using their smartphone. It’s a platform to showcase and brand Iowa’s premier trail system, allowing people to more easily access and use Iowa’s extensive trail system as well as the communities along it. The app helps users find trails closest to them, discover interesting stops along the way—restaurants, state parks, restrooms—and keeps users updated on trail closures and events.” Continue reading