Gift to Iowa’s Future Day celebrates Iowa landowners


On Thursday, March 24, a group of Iowa landowners were honored at the state capitol building for gifts of conservation land, land value and conservation easements made in 2015. “Gift To Iowa’s Future” day is an annual celebration of private landowners and organizations who protect their land for natural resources and recreation opportunities. 2015 gifts totaled more than $10 million and protected over 4,500 acres in 15 counties.

16 of the 23 landowners honored worked in partnership with Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to protect their land.

“Private landowners are instrumental in protecting Iowa’s land, water and wildlife,” said INHF President Joe McGovern. “Gift to Iowa’s Future Day is a chance for us to celebrate the generous contributions individual Iowans make to conservation each year. It is truly humbling to see the impact of these gifts across the state.”
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Trail Tuesday: Trout Run Trail

Every Tuesday, look for a new featured trail story on our blog – part of our new “Trail Tuesday” series. This will be a way for you to learn about all the different trails we have to offer on our Iowa By Trail app. If you like what you read you can download the app and go explore! For any questions on these trails, email


This week’s featured trail is Trout Run Trail.

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Wordless Wednesday: Upper Iowa River

Limestone bluffs, Upper Iowa River, Winneshiek County, IowaSince our 35th anniversary was this past Saturday, June 21, we wanted to highlight one of our 35 featured projects, the Upper Iowa River.

INHF started protecting sites here in the early 1980s (shortly after we were founded) and has remained active in this area ever since. As of June 2014, INHF has protected 45 sites, totaling more than 4,500 acres, along or near the Upper Iowa River.

To learn more details about our work in the Upper Iowa River, click here.

Read about 35 pivotal moments and projects that INHF has had a part in over the years on our website.


Upper Iowa River Floods

Upper Iowa River flood scene taken by Brian Fankhauser near Chimney Rock on Wednesday, April 10.

Upper Iowa River flood scene taken by Brian Fankhauser near Chimney Rock on Wednesday, April 10.

INHF Blufflands Program Manager Brian Fankhauser sent these photos and explanations in from Decorah to our Des Moines office:

“Northeast Iowa and southern Minnesota experienced thunderstorms, heavy rain and hail on Tuesday night. In a period of 24 hours, the Upper Iowa River in Decorah came up 4 feet and is expected to rise another 2 feet by early Thursday morning. 

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The Karst Topography of Northeastern Iowa

All Rights Reserved Seed Savers

This photo of a sinkhole located on an INHF conservation easement near Decorah was captured by Steve Carlson of the Seed Savers Exchange.

Northeast Iowa is typically known for its gorgeous waterways and scenic overlooks – but what you may not know is that northeastern Iowa is also home to a fascinating array of karst topography. Continue reading