Pieces of the Puzzle: Waterman Prairie Addition


The process of completing a land protection project closely resembles putting a puzzle together, and sometimes the pieces are challenging to locate or difficult to put into place.

A 227-acre addition to Waterman Prairie Wildlife Management Area in O’Brien County is part of a “puzzle” that connects two protected natural areas and adds a large tract to the 1500-acre Waterman complex, about 3.5 miles southeast of Sutherland. The addition is host to many distinctive features that make up the northwest Iowa landscape. It boasts soft-edged rolling hills with remnant prairie, a wooded, winding creek, oak savanna and a large oak woodland. The Iowa DNR approached INHF to help acquire this connecting piece in fall 2014. Continue reading

For the love of birds

Satuday, March 7, will be an Iowa bird-lover’s dream come true. Waterman Prairie Wildlife Management Area will become the latest Bird Conservation Area (BCA) in Iowa, and the O’Brien County Prairie Heritage Center will host its Bald Eagle Watch.

Fog rolls in over Waterman Prairie.

Fog rolls in over Waterman Prairie.

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