Corporate companies partner with INHF

Corporate philanthropy programs are doing remarkable things to create positive impact for Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. They’re influencing the present as well as the future, and doing so with great enthusiasm.


A Nationwide employee smiles during a humid summer day brush collection.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), though not a new initiative, has gained significance in recent years. According to Forbes, companies are now competing “based on who has the best CSR strategy and who makes their employees feel good on a community service level.” High CSR standards have become a priority in many company cultures, and non-profits are expanding and achieving at greater capacities.

INHF has experienced the impact of these conscience–forward companies both through financial and “hands-on” giving, as companies offer their employees paid time off for volunteering. Continue reading

Get outside and plant a tree

NFWF_photoIowa Natural Heritage Foundation’s volunteer crew could use your hands!

Join the INHF staff and Wells Fargo volunteers for some fresh air at an INHF land restoration project along the Raccoon River near West Des Moines. This fun fall tree planting event will take place on Friday, November 8.

“This event is a great way to get introduced to INHF’s volunteer program and improve the land at the same time,” says Mary Runkel, volunteer coordinator at INHF. Continue reading